Best Smartwatch for 10 years old in Sep 2024

Nowadays Smartwatch for 10 years old has become a highly popular gadget not only for teenagers and adults but also for kids. As most of the smartwatches provide tracking facilities, more and more parents are buying their kid’s smartwatches as a safety measure.

In a modern world, it’s important to make sure your kid is keeping active, staying safe, and having some fun. Smartwatches are equipped with many useful features and fun apps. Nowadays most smartwatches come with fitness guides, weather apps, music, games, and many more.

But a smartwatch can do so much more than that with smartphone-like features and apps. Parents who are hesitant to give their kids smartphones just yet can safely provide them with a smartwatch. If you need a simple way to achieve this, then buying a smartwatch will do the trick.

Moreover, in recent times, typical parents look for the best smartwatch with a GPS system for their kids to know the exact location and keep them safe. So, it can be said that “Kids smartwatch is far more than just a timepiece.”

While buying a smartwatch, most of the parents have become confused as to which smartwatch would be best for their kids. So in this article, to help you in purchasing, we are going to review some of the best smartwatches for 10 years old

Our Top 11 Best Smartwatch for 10 years old

Verizon Gizmo Smartwatch for 10 years old

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that offers a myriad of features to satisfy both parents and kids, the Verizon Gizmowatch can be one of the best accessories for your kid to have. 

Verizon’s Gizmowatch is like a basic smartphone for little wrists, designed specifically for the ages 4 to 10. Its real-time locator will track the smartwatch at any given time. So, you will have no hassle tracking your kids.

This smartwatch is equipped with GPS location and two-way communication via voice and messaging powered by Verizon’s network. The two-way voice calling is appraisals. Parents can easily communicate via texts too.

A wide, durable strap and water-resistant features make the Gizmo watch suitable even for young children who engage in more than a little rough-and-tumble play. 

The theme and design of the smartwatch are fun and kid-friendly. Parents can set up GPS boundaries, geo-fencing, and automatic notifications for when kids travel outside approved locations.

Features of Gizmo Smartwatch

  • Manufacturer: Verizon
  • Product dimension is 0.6 x 1.85 x 1.65 inches
  • Weight is 6.9 Ounces 
  • 1 A Lithium Polymer battery is included.
  • Operating system: Android & IOS
  • GPS locator & 4G wireless connectivity


  • Convenient for little hands to manage.
  • A large touchscreen that provides notifications for 10 trusted contacts.
  • Durable.
  • Water resistant.


  • It lacks entertainment features.
  • No wifi connectivity and instead relies on 4G LTE monthly plan connectivity which may cost more than a stable wifi service.

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 is a remarkable product as it offers several exciting features under such a low price tag. VTech understands that kids just want to have fun, so its smartwatch aims to provide exactly that. So, If you’re looking for a smartwatch that not only provides safety functions but also keeps your child happy and occupied, this is a worthwhile option.

While GPS tracking or two-way communication functions is not found here, this affordable smartwatch is essentially a mini gaming device, packed with educational activities and interaction to keep little ones busy. Besides the default apps, it comes with, you can download a range of additional apps from this smartwatch.

Most of the parents will appreciate the built-in learning boost because of its motion sensors for active games and AR (augmented reality) capabilities, It also sports dual cameras which let kids take video or craft the perfect selfie.

You can upload these images and recordings using the smartwatch as well which is sure to be a hit with the elementary school crowd. Its stylish design may instantly hook kids and teenagers and the smartwatch is aimed specifically at 4 to 12 years old. 

This smartwatch comes in many color variants that would surely appeal to kids. In one word, this is a rather well-rounded kids’ smartwatch with great value for money.


  • Manufacturer: VTech
  • Product dimension is 8.9 x 0.7 x 1.8 inches.
  • Weight is 7.7 Ounces. 
  • 1 LR44 battery is included.
  • Both analog & digital watch system.


  • Stylish design
  • 2 cameras which allow capturing both still images and videos
  • Downloadable apps and games are available
  • A motion sensor for active play challenges & a pedometer to count your steps are included.
  • Affordable price
  • Splash and sweat proof


  • No GPS tracking.
  • No two-way communication or messaging.

Fitbit Ace 3

Fitbit has cornered the market on kids’ fitness trackers, modeled on the same wildly popular wearable devices for grown-ups. The Fitbit Ace does all the same things we’ve come to expect in fitness tracking, from counting steps to monitoring sleep patterns.

This smartwatch both tailors messages and uses competition and syncing up to the family Fitbit account. Fitbit Ace is one of the more durable wearable devices for kids you’ll encounter.

While this smartwatch a fabulous fitness tracker for kids who need to get up and get moving, it’s doesn’t go a step beyond offering any additional parental control.


  • Manufacturer: Fitbit Inc
  • Weight is 1.09 Ounces. 
  • Operating temperature: -10° to 45° C
  • Operating system: Android & IOS.
  • A USB charger is included.


  • Excellent fitness tracking
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Ability to sync to smartphones and family Fitbit accounts
  • Waterproof, durable design


  • No GPS tracking.
  • No two-way communication or messaging.

Yamay Smartwatch

The YAMAY Smartwatch is designed extensively for fitness and triathlon uses. If your kids like to partake in fitness activities that need tracking and monitoring and guidelines then this smartwatch will definitely be helpful.

This smartwatch is mainly fitness-focused. So if your kid wants something for entertainment purposes, it might not be the best fit. It comes with great battery life and a water-resistant build.

If you need to make sure your kid is always in good shape, it’s a great budget-friendly smartwatch with excellent fitness tracking ability. 

best smartwatch for 10 years old

This smartwatch is mainly fitness-focused. So if your kid wants something for entertainment purposes, it might not be the best fit. It comes with great battery life and a water-resistant build. If you need to make sure your kid is always in good shape, it’s a great budget-friendly smartwatch with excellent fitness tracking ability. 


  • Manufacturer: Yamay
  • Wrist Strap Size is 5.7 inch to 9.2 inch.
  • Charge Time is 2 hours and Working Time is 7-10 days.
  • 1.3″ TFT LCD color screen.
  • Solid and durable metal frame breathable double holes designed TPU band.
  • Both touch screen and button for control.
  • A charging cable is included.


  • Excellent fitness tracking.
  • Up to 10 vibration alarm clock.
  • The battery life of 7 to 8 days.
  • 24 hours heart-rate monitor.
  • Waterproof, durable design
  • A sleep monitor to analyze your sleep quality & a pedometer to count your steps are included.
  • It provides do not disturb mode, vibration alarm clocks, timer, stopwatch, and music controller.


It lacks entertainment features.

Kurio Watch 2.0

The Kurio Kids Smartwatch makes you feel like a real adult with its capability to send SMS, take pictures and make phone calls.

With over 20 games including a two-player mode which allows kids to connect their watches via Bluetooth so they can play together on one device while messaging friends through the watch’s Bluetooth connection or connecting it to Android devices.

The standard removable straps are interchangeable for personalization as well


  • Manufacturer: Kids Delight Ltd
  • Product dimension is 20.02 x 8 x 12.01 cm
  • Product weight is 27.22 grams.
  • Battery life is 3-4 days.
  • 1 CR123A battery is included.


  • 20 preloaded apps and games are available.
  • Scratch-resistant and splash-proof protection.
  • “In Case of an Emergency” (I.C.E.) app where parents can enter their child’s medical and contact information.
  • The front-facing camera is perfect for selfies and recording videos.


  • No GPS tracking.
  • Not water-resistant.

Vowor Kids Smartwatch

The Vowor 4G kid’s smartwatch is made of high-quality material, anti-fall and durable that supports video calling and voice calling, if your sim card has the plan with Voice & Data, you can not only chat with your kids face to face, but also can make a voice call.

This smartwatch is equipped with a 4G WIFI LBS GPS tracker.  At the same time, parents can check the real-time location of kids and history activity footprint. Besides that, parents can also set the child’s range of activity, if the child leaves the set area, the geofencing feature will alerts parents.

Most importantly, Kids can two-click the Power Button to send SOS messages to all contacts when they are in danger. It is a great help for an emergency situation. 

The band strap is made of soft silicone which is very comfortable to wear it and it does not scratch the hand.


  • Manufacturer: Vower.
  • Product dimension is 3.74 x 3.43 x 2.28 inches.
  • Product weight is 4.5 ounces.
  • RAM is 512MB & ROM is 4GB.
  • Screen size is 1.44″ IPS 240X240.
  • Camera is 0.3M Pixels.
  • Operation system: IOS iPhone & Android.
  • Strap material is Silicone.
  • 1 lithium polymer battery is included.


  • 2 way call
  • 4G wifi GPS LBS tracker 
  • SOS emergeny call
  • Waterproof
  • Timed alarm clock, album, Step count, history footprint is available


  • No entertainment features.

Garmin Vivofit JR-3

The Garmin kid’s smartwatch has a whole range of functions that can make every day a little bit of an adventure. It’s a durable watch that is fine to be bashed around.

One of the main interesting parts of the watch is parents can award points for doing daily tasks and chores, the idea is these can then be traded for treats, so the children have an incentive to brush their teeth or play nicely with their brothers. 

The color screen and strap are customizable, and the latter is soft and stretchy, designed to be comfortable to wear both day and night. The VivoFit Jr 2 won’t need charging because the battery lasts for ‘up to a year. It actually seems to be more like 6-7 months, but that’s not bad, and will vary depending on use.


  • Manufacturer: Garmin.
  • Product dimension is 2.3 x 0.9 x 1.6 inches.
  • Product weight is 0.95 ounces.
  • 1 lithium metal battery is included.


  • Swim-friendly kids activity tracker with star wars theme
  • Stylish disney/marvel design.
  • Long Battery Life.


  • Additional bands required to unlock more games.
  • No GPS

DC Comics Touch-Screen Watch

DC Comics released their own Batman-themed smartwatch which is one of the most attractive attractions for many die-hard Batman fans whether they be kids, teenagers, or adults. It has a classic dark design. It features all the basic apps and then some more.

To make it a truly desirable accessory for kids, the makers of this smartwatch have also put some games into it. 

The strap is silicone-made and durable. The smartwatch has an overall cool design. This smartwatch would be a folly to expect those high-end features, considering its super cheap price tag.


  • Manufacturer: Accutime Watch Corp.
  • Product dimension is 6 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches.
  • Product weight is 1.4 ounces.
  •  1 Lithium ion battery is included.


  • Includes features like selfie camera, recorder, games, calendar, calculator etc 
  • Stylish design.
  • Water resistant.
  • Long Battery Life.


  • No voice or video calling feature.
  • No GPS

Disney Smartwatch

This is a smartwatch whose design is derived from another multimedia company, Disney, as the smartwatch is officially Disney theme designed. It has a minimalistic build with a beautiful interface.

In one word, it’s just eye candy for Disney fanatic children. From a functional point of view, this smartwatch has a lot to offer. It covers all the basic apps and tools. Then it goes on to offer more advanced features like camera and multimedia sharing. 

If you simply want your kid to have fun and have a good time, this smartwatch would make a fantastic present for little Disney lovers.


  • Manufacturer: Accutime Watch Corp.
  • Product dimension is 6 x 3.3 x 3.4 inches.
  • Product weight is 1.4 ounces.
  •  1 Lithium ion battery is included.


  • Official Disney design 
  • Includes a selfie camera and many other cool features like recorder, reminder, calendar and games 
  • Photos and videos can be captured and uploaded 
  • Lucrative packaging 
  • Packs a long lasting battery 


  • No GPS

Iniupo Kids Smartwatch

The Iniupo Kids Smartwatch, without a doubt, provides your kids with the most features for the least amount of money. This smartwatch comes with an SOS mode.  You can save up to three emergency contacts in it and in case of any trouble, your kid can notify all three contacts simultaneously and instantly.  It also supports a SIM card for cellular communication.
The smartwatch contains apps and features like a camera, voice calls, a calendar, alarms, and games. 

Finding a smartwatch in this price range with a location tracker & five-country language is quite a big deal. Yet this smartwatch offers a dual location feature. This feature allows you to track both the smartwatch and the smartphone connected with it. We’d say this is an insanely sweet deal. 


  • Manufacturer: Karaforna
  • Product dimension is 1.97 x 1.57 x 0.39 inches.
  • Product weight is 1.45 ounces.
  •  1 Lithium ion battery is included.
  • Standby time: 4-5 days.


  • Two way call
  • Includes a selfie camera and many other cool features like recorder, SOSS , wallpaper, reminder, calculator, music player and games 
  • It provides 10 trusted contact
  • Lucrative packaging 


  • Additional bands required to unlock more games.

Themomoe Kids Smartwatch

The Themomoe Kids Smartwatch provides your kids with the most features for the least amount of money. It provides two-way calls and messaging. This smartwatch has a position tracker so that parents can know their child’s location at any time but the positioning of the watch is based on your location’s signal transmission station and is also related to the network signal in your area.

As the watch is waterproof, so no need to worry while raining or swimming. Kids can enjoy their happy swimming and shower time!

As the smartwatch provides “Do Not Disturb” features, so parents can set 3 time periods on the ”Do Not Disturb” mode at the time of school. These functions will be forbidden against all features like call, game, camera, but except SOS emergency.

Moreover, this smartwatch is upgraded to an HD Touch Screen new design. Compatible with Speedtalk mobile, makes call easier, voice chat. flashlight, camera, LBS location, phone book, talk-back, footprint, alarm clock, safe area, SOS, game, two-way call.


  • Manufacturer: Themoemoe
  • Product dimension is 4.3 x 3.7 x 1.5 inches
  • Product weight is 3.2 ounces.


  • Position Tracker
  • Waterproof.
  • Include many cool features camera, alarm clock, foot print , phonebook and flashlight.
  • 2 way call.


  • Additional bands required to unlock more games

Frequently Asked Questions:

1)  Can I track my kid via a smartwatch? 

Ans:  If the smartwatch supports GPS or other locating systems, then you can track your kids through your phone connecting to a smartwatch. The smartwatch’s location will show on the smartphone. So you will know immediately if your kid is in some kind of trouble. 

2)  Are smartwatches healthy for a kid? 

Ans: Yes, smartwatches are totally a safe accessory for kids. Most smartwatches are made of safe materials. The small displays shouldn’t harm their eyesight. Many smartwatches have ‘Do not disturb’ features which allow the parent to restrict the kids’ screen time.

 3)  Does my child’s smartwatch have to be on the same network as my smartphone?

 Ans: No. While you will need to make sure some smartwatches are connected to the network via a SIM card and are backed up by a mobile provider, it’s not necessary that it be the same cellular company you currently use for your smartphone. Parental control for kids’ wearable devices and smartwatches is usually done through an app that you can download and sync to your phone.

4)  Why do I need a SIM card for my child’s smartwatch?

Ans: Just like your smartphone, your child’s device will need a SIM card to connect to the network and receive data. If the smartwatch has two-way communication and GPS tracking, it’ll also require support from a mobile network that usually involves a call plan and supporting data fees.

5)  Is a smartwatch a good gift for a kid? 

Ans:  Obviously, smartwatches make for an awesome present for kids. Chances are, they will absolutely love it. There are many smartwatches out there built specifically for kids which offer cool features like a camera app and engaging games.

6)  How to track a smartwatch through a smartphone? 

Ans:  The smartwatch first should be compatible with the smartphone’s operating system. Then download the designated smartwatch app on your phone and establish a connection. Afterward, enable GPS tracking in the smartwatch and you can see the smartwatch’s location through the app on your smartphone.

7)   Is a kid’s smartwatch vulnerable to hackers?

Ans: Your child’s smartwatch is part of the Internet of Things and faces the same risks and dangers. If the smartwatch connects to a mobile network, it creates an opportunity for hackers to exploit that device. Like baby gadgets, smartwatches for kids can be manipulated for nefarious purposes. So be sure to avoid storing sensitive info on the watch and coach your kids never to respond to calls or texts from numbers they don’t recognize.


Your 10-year-old is probably more tech-savvy than you are, and with the right smartwatch, they can take their knowledge to new heights.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best options for kids aged 10 years old in 2021 so that your child doesn’t have to spend hours scouring reviews on Google or Amazon.

Just leave a comment below if you need any help deciding which one would be best for your kid!

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