How to Adjust the Band of Wooden Watches? Tips in 2021

How to Adjust the Band of Wooden Watches


No matter how classy, eye-catching, and premium watch you wear on your wrist, it will lose all its attraction and elegance if you do not know how to adjust the band of wooden watches.

Even an ordinary watch with proper fit may seem far better than a loose premium one.

A proper fit to our wrist increases the attractiveness of a watch a thousand times more. Especially when it comes to wooden watches, it is more important to ensure proper sizing of the watchband.

Because wooden watches are bit different than the usual one as it bears the sign of uniqueness, luxury, and our personality.

Moreover, there exists a significant possibility of falling off from your wrists, if your band size is not adjusted properly to your wrist size.

Since most wooden watches are premium, no one is supposed to afford to lose their favorite wooden watches.

Sizing or adjusting your wooden watch band not only reduces the possibility of losing it but also enhances the beauty, looks of the watches and reflects your personality as well.

Here, we are going to tell you how to adjust the wooden watches band on your own.

The fact is, when you buy a watch, the manufacturers’ instructions advise you to take the help of the jeweler to size up the band.

But you can size up the band at home if you have the necessary tools. But, you have to make sure that you are cautious enough to treat the item.

Types of Clasp

There are three types of clasp. Your watch is one of these types. You have to observe what type is yours before sizing the band of your wooden watch.

  1. Push-button hidden clasp
  2. Folding clasp with safety
  3. Bracelet clasp.


Necessary tools to Adjust the Band of Wooden Watches:

  • Link removal tool
  • A tiny screwdriver
  • Small hammer

Process of How to Adjust the Band of Wooden Watches:

Step 1: Put on the watch without adjusting it as you will need to know how big the watch is.

  • If your wooden watch is very loose to wear, then you will have to undone lots of links from the band.
  • In the case, the wooden watch is not that much loose and you think there is no possibility of falling off from the wrist, then you might consider leaving it as like it is now.
  • If your wood watch is too small, then you must contact the seller for replacement or refund.

Step 2: Second, you find the clasp and pull the band from the clasp until it appears to be the actual size of your wrist.

  • You have to be well aware of the fact that it is always wise to remove or undo the same number of links from both sides of the clasp.
  • Thus, you can ensure the clasp is in the center of the watch strap. But, if your wrist size makes you remove a different number of links from both side, then you can do it.
  • It is better to note down the number of the links to be removed from either side of the clasp.
  • In case you can’t identify the actual number of links removal, then it is better to remove one less than you expected as it is always difficult to add one than removing a link.

Step 3: You should gather all the necessary tools that mentioned before.

  • Most of the wooden watch comes with a link pin removal. With this tool, you have to push the pins out of their holes.
  • Get a pair of a needle to help you remove the pin. Some wooden watches come with needles too.
  • Get a small hammer. Not the big one as it might hamper your wooden watch.
  • Sit on an even surface such as a floor or table with proper lighting because the removed pins are too easy to find once it lost. You have to collect all the removed pins to add it back for future use.

Step 4: In this step, you have to remove links.

  • As per the previous measurement, count the number of links you have to remove.
  • Find the pin that holding the last link. This is where you have to remove the pin.
  • Now place the watch on the pin removal tool. Put the hole of the pin in the directional arrow. Then push the hole with the needle attached within the removal tools and take the pinout of the hole.
  • Once you have removed the desired number of the pin, you can grasp the pin of the end with the needle pliers.
  • Repeat the process for the other side of the clasp.

Step 5: Now remove the second pin that is close to clasp from the part of the removed links and then tie up the wood watch band again.

  • Once you have finished, you have two pins ready to use later.
  • Then keep the link closer to the clasp. Ensure that the last link should be on the side of the band.
  • Pick one of the pins you removed earlier and put it into the hole.
  • Take a small hammer and hit gently on the pin into the whole way.
  • Repeat the process on the other side of the clasp. Now your wood watch is read to go.

Step:6 Now try the watch on your wrist. It should fit now.

  • If it is too tight, try adding a link to either side of the wood watch band.
  • If it is still loose, re-assess how many to remove and follow the same process mentioned above.
  • Wear your wooden watch for a few days to make sure it is comfortable.


  • Do not use a big and heavy hammer to push the pin
  • Do not throw away the undone pins and bands
  • Use even surface with proper lighting


In conclusion, one thing I must mention about the need for extra caution while adjusting the band of wooden watches. The reason is it is more sensitive than the metal watchband.

You are better care of the fact as you might not want to damage your newly purchased wooden watch.

Moreover, you should go through the whole description before adjusting the band if it is available with the watches as the structure of a wooden watch band may differ from others.

So it is always wise to check the user guide. If it comes without any user guide, then you should follow our article about how to adjust the band of wooden watches. Those who know how to make a watch can give you the best advice on this matter.

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