Best GPS Watches For Hiking And Its Modern Rules

A GPS watch shows accurate pace and distance.But it’s very useful for hiking too.It offers great navigation features and weather prediction.One can also use this for checking altitude,temperature,barometric pressure etc.Apart from these features,these watches are quite fashionable too.

These watches are not only for hiking.It’s useful for ultrarunning,swimming,skiing and so on.Hiking is becoming a great past time nowadays.Thus,such watches are getting great popularity.So many companies are bringing these with top notch quality and great fashion.It has become hard now to find the right one.Inaccuracy,signal or battery failure are the common problems.Then again,some people prefer watches with GPS,some don’t.

Here we have enlisted the best gps watches for hiking,their pros and cons.It will save you both time and money.New models getting launched everyday.So we update this section whenever needed. Before going for a specific brand or model,everyone should be familiar with all the features of a hiking watch as it makes the process a lot easier afterwards.

10 Best GPS Watches For Hiking


The Garmin Forerunner series is a selection of sport watches.Garmin Forerunner 35 is the best hiking watch among them.It’s reasonable and has great features too.You won’t be disappointed at all.

It is slim and light in weight.It has a rectangular shape.It has multi sport modes -accelerometer,gps,heart rate monitor etc. It will provide you with daily step count,goal countdown,inactivity timer,calories,time and date.You can see all these information on screen.

Its active tracking feature is very useful for hiking.These are counting steps, calories, distance, sleep and intensity minutes,it also notifies you about your productivity.

If you connect your Forerunner 35 with a smartphone,you will get a lot more features.It notifies about incoming calls and text messages.It helps you to stay connected with your family.They can know about your runs in real time through live tracking feature.It  also notifies about phone’s update,controls music and more on device.This is the most convenient watch for the hikers.

This watch can sync your data to a free online fitness community.It is called Garmin Connect.It can also monitor total sleep and restful sleep.

The Garmin Forerunner 35 is very easy to use and comes in four colors-black,blue,white,limelight.

It is a great option for low budget.Its not the cheapest.But reasonable for such quality design,long battery life,push notifications,control music etc. For hiking,this is one of the best you will find.


  • Display dimension-2.4*2.4 cm
  • Weight-38 gm
  • Built-in GPS and heart rate monitor
  • Smart notifications and music control
  • Manufacturer is Garmin


  • Long battery life(upto 9 days)
  • Fitness tracker
  • Waterproof
  • Connects to Bluetooth smart devices
  • Best for hiking,goes for casual wear too


  • Can’t connect to Bluetooth smart sensor
  • Can’t track swimming

YAMAY Smart Watch 

YAMAY Smart Watch is cheap and reliable with its IP68 waterproof fitness tracker.For hiking or any kinds of sports,it gives accurate information.For the newbies out there,it is the best watch for hiking for its user-friendly features.

It is lightweight and comes with various sizes (from 5.7 to 9.2 inches).Both adults and kids can use it.It is unisex,comes in black,green,grey,pink and purple color.It works by Bluetooth.So,you have to connect it with your phone and you’re good to go.

It can count step,calories,heart rate 24/7.It gives more real-time pace and distance by connecting to phone’s GPS.It also tracks sleep and compares the data on a weekly bassis on the app. The YAMAY smart watch is both android and IOS friendly.Its HD color screen is a great advantage.It makes it easier to operate.Battery life is excellent,lasts 7-10 days.

The Yamay smart watch is very easy to use.You have to download and install their software.The manual has all the instructions clearly.It notifies about messages,emails,software updates.You can also turn the notification off particularly.It can control music too.It is one of the easiest watches to get connected to the app and setup.

It is comfortable to use,durable and simple.It looks nice with great build quality and a nice responsive touchscreen.

The pedometer functions of a smart watch are important for hiking.This watch has it all.It comes with great quality and the price is so worth it.


  • Dimension 5.2 x 3.7 x 2 inches
  • HD color screen
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Built in GPS and heart monitor
  • Activity tracker watch



  • Responsive touchscreen
  • Easy to use,durable
  • Gives accurate and reliable data
  • Waterproof
  • Long lasting battery


  • Can’t sync with iPads and tablets

Willfull Smart Watch

Willfull smart watch is best for hiking with GPS connected and its fitness tracker.It gives an analysis of all-day activities,also can track all your workout routes.So you don’t have to worry about its accuracy.

This comes with five different colors-black,blue,red,pink and purple.Both men and women can use it.It has large capacity and low power consumption design.This offers longer endurance.

Willfull Smart Watch can do multi function.Walking,running,bicycle,fitness,treadmill,yoga etc.It can record your all day activities-steps,distance,calories.These information are shown in the large display.If you connect with the GPS in your cellphone, you can have a map of your workout routes.

This watch helps you to develop a healthier life.It can track your sleep quality,monitor your heart rate and provide an analysis of these.It also shows the heart rate graph and rest/average/max/min heart rate in the VeryFitPro app.

It’s battery life is great.Battery lasts upto 10 days or 30 days standby time after 2.5 hrs of charging.It has three levels of brightness.You can use as your choice.

You can get call and text notifications on the smart watch.It notifies about Twitter,Facebook,linkedin updates.All you have to do is ,connect the watch with your smartphone.

This watch is IP68 waterproof smart watch.You can wear it while swimming or when it is raninig.

This smart watch comes with music controller.You can choose music as per your choice with it.When the phone is not handy,you can use this smartwatch.For example-it is hard to check phone every now and then while hiking.It is easier if we can check everything at a time.Willfull Smart Watch is a great choice for that.


  • Fitness tracker and connected GPS
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Call/messager alert and display
  • IP68 waterproof smart watch
  • Has stopwatch and timer


  • Long battery life
  • Adjustable brightness
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Sleep tracker and heart rate monitor
  • Works with android 4.0 and IOS 8.P and avobe Bluetooth 4.0


  • Can’t connect to PC or tablet
  • Can’t track your swimming

Kalakate Smart Watch 

Kalakate smart watch is a multi-functional watch.It has a fitness tracker.This helps you to stay motivated and stay healthy. It is a useful watch for hiking or sports like this.

It has 1.54 inch large, full touch HD color screen.The screen is high sensitive and gives clear data on the display.It is available in black color.It comes with a USB charging cable and a user manual.

The watch is slim and light weight.This smartwatch displays time,steps,calories,distance,heart rate.It has a stopwatch and a timer.It can track your both resting heart rate and heart rate during exercise.

Kalakate Smart Watch is IP68 water resistant.You don’t have to worry during rain.This is another reason you should buy it for hiking.Though it is waterproof,it cannot track swimming.We have a great review on watches for swimming too.

This watch has long battery life,takes little time for charging.Battery lasts around 15 days,30 days standby time.Long lasting battery is important for hiking like any other sports.Thus,this watch is a go to solution for hikers.

It notifies about text and incoming calls.It is compatible with IOS 9.0 and Android.Connected GPS helps in navigation.It also updates about real time weather and 15 days weather forecast.

It has music and selfie control.Wrist rotation helps to detect to turn on display.Keeps seven days history record.

This watch is for both man and woman.It is fashionable ,works well for all kind of activities too.


  • 1.54” full HD color screen
  • Battery capacity 210 mAh
  • Fitness tracker and connected GPS
  • Music and selfie control
  • IP68 water resistant


  • Battery lasts upto 15 days, 30 days standby time
  • IP68 waterproof smart watch
  • Fitness tracker,can track all kind of activities
  • Multi sport mode
  • Easy to use and operate


  • Not suitable for PC,iPad or Tablets

Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

The Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch is sturdy and reliable.It has passed 12 Military Grade Certifications.It works well in both cold and hot climate.This feature makes it best for hiking.

It weighs 58 grams.It is light in weight but has a sturdy structure.It has four different colours-rock black,camo green,gun gray and khaki.The dial is circular and flat.Both men and women can use It.This watch can do more than fitness tracking.

The Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch has 14 sport modes.These modes are built in, so you don’t have to do anything extra.It can count steps,calories,heart rate.It has sleep monitoring feature.It montiors these 24 hours a day and reminds you to stay healthy.It is waterproof to 5 atm.It is compatible with Android and IOS.

It supports Bluetooth and wireless concord.It doesn’t support USB.It shows notifications about weather,call,texts,calender.It comes with a user manual and warranty card.The manual has the instructions on these.The steps are easy to follow.

Its battery lasts up to 20 days.Battery capacity is 390 mAh.It has 28nm Sony GPS chip.It makes sure the power consumption remains low even with continuous GPS usage.

It has AMOLED screen and comes with Gorilla glass, v3.The display has five bold colors.You can choose yours.Such sports modes and wear ability functions make this watch best for hiking.


  • Dimension 13.5*47.5*47.5 mm
  • 1.3 inch AMOLED screen with Gorilla glass
  • Built in 14 sport modes
  • Waterproof rated to 5 atm
  • Battery capacity 390 mAh


  • Battery lasts upto 20 days
  • Waterproof
  • Fitness tracker
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Smart notifications


  • The T-rex strap is irreplaceable


The Garmin Forerunner 45S is the upgrade version of Forerunner 35.It has some unique features comparing to other fitness watches.The Garmin coach provides free workout plans and guidance from the experts.This feature makes it eccentric.Thus it works great for hiking.

It is wide and slim.But it is smaller in size,doesn’t look good on larger wrists.It goes perfect for small wrists.It has five button navigation.Each button has its own function.It is available in liliac and white colour.It is a sportwatch but you can use it for formal events too.

It tracks pace,distance,intervals,monitors heart rate and stress level,counts calories etc.It has a free Garmin coach.It provides workout plans and guidance according to your necessity.This watch has got all the fitness features.

Its battery lasts up to 7 days and uo to 13 hours in GPS mode.Depending upon usage,battery life might decrease to 5 days in smart watch mode.It is not touch screen.You have to operate the five buttons around the perimeter of the watch.Its wide color screen displays all the metrics.

The Garmin Forerunner 45S is both IOS and Android friendly.It has smart notifications.You have to connect it with your smart phone and it will receive emails,text and call alerts.It has music control.So you don’t have to use your phone for skipping any song.

It is important to have the right watch for running or any kinds of sports.Thus,Garmin Forerunner 45S is a good choice for hiking.


  • Dimension 1.56 * 1.56 * 0.45 inches
  • Color display;Display resolution 24 * 24
  • 5 Button navigation
  • Built in sport apps
  • Garmin Coach


  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • Smart notifications
  • Music control
  • Battery lasts up to 7 days
  • Unisex


  • Display prone to scratching
  • Bands are not interchangeable


The Suunto Core Crush is for those who prefer a sports watch without GPS. If you are looking for a hiking watch that doesn’t have GPS and comes  with a lower price,Suunto Core Crush is the best choice for you.

Premium,Classic and Crush-these are the three different versions.All of them has same function but has different material.It weighs 83 gm and has a sleek design.It has variety in colors.You can choose yours according to your personality.

 It is an outdoor watch and works great for any adventurous trip.It has compass,altimeter,barometer and thermometer.storm alarm,depth meter for snorkeling.It has current weather updates.If a storm is about to occur,the watch detects and rings the storm alarm.

Its battery life is 12 montsh in time mode.It warns when battery is low.The battery is replaceable.It doesn’t have the sports mode like counting pace,distance,calories etc.It can’t monitor heart rates like watches mentioned above.

It has some additional features although.It notifies about sunrise and senset time,so that you can calculate your daytime.It has stopwatch,countdown timer,date display and can set alarm.It has water resistance to 100 feet.

Simplicity and durability of a watch is important.The Suunto Core Crush has it all.For hiking,it is the best watch with a reasonable price.


  • Dimension 1.93 * 1.93 * 0.57 inches
  • Composite case material
  • Silicone strap for premium and crush version.Elastomer strap for core version
  • Equipped with compass,barometer,altimeter and thermometer
  • Water resistant to 100 feet


  • Battery is replaceable
  • Simple and durable
  • Weather updates
  • Storm alarm
  • Accomplishes all outdoor needs


  • Doesn’t have GPS
  • Limited functions


The Casio Men’s Pro trek PRG-270-1 is solar powered which operates with triple sensor.These triple version brings accurate reading and improved energy efficiency.It is designed solely for outdoor gear performances such as hiking.

It is unisex.It is available in black color with black resin band.It has full auto LED backlight with after glow.Its solar charging system can converts flourescent light into power.It weighs 67 gm.Thus a bit smaller comparing to other watches.

It is equipped with altimeter,barometer and digital compass.These sensors provide accurate reading .It alerts when there is a change in the reading.Sunrise-sunset data,tide updates are available.These help you to keep on pace.

This watch is water resistant to 50-100 meter.It is low temperature resistant ( -10ºC/14°F ) .It has countdown timer,5 daily alarm.It can monitor your heart rate.

Its battery life is 9 months on full charge.It has battery level indicator and batter is solar rechargeable.It enables power saving mode itself when its dark.

It has music control,moment setter.You can download the music directly to the watch.You can use it from your favourite streaming app too.The moment setter is basically smart notifications or reminders.

The PRG-270-1 has all the hiking essentials.Its design features and functions are everything you need while hiking.


  • Dimension 9.1 * 9.1 * 9.1 inches
  • Resin band
  • Mineral glass
  • Full Auto LED light
  • Solar powered
  • Built in GPS


  • Tough solar
  • Triple sensor
  • Low temperature resistant
  • Water resistant to 50-100 meter
  • Battery level indicator


  • Limited app functionality with iPhones


Fitbit Versa 2 is one of the best watches under $200.It is mainly a health and fitness watch.Although,it doesn’t have built in GPS.However,you can use Amazon Alexa built in to get quick update on surroundings.This watch works best for hiking as well.

This watch is available in color black,mist grey and copper rose.A square shaped,large display has an always on option.But it might require more frequent charging.Usually  it has battery life of 6 days.

You can boost your day with its heart rate tracking,sleep score,time asleep and restlessness.It can also track your time in light,deep and REM sleep stages.You can get weather updates as well.

Besides these,it can count steps,distance,burnt calories,floors climbed,active minutes and stationary time.Tracks workout in real time with 20+ goal based exercise modes.This watch updates you on these all day.So you can stay focused.

It is super helpful for all the woman out there.You can record your menstrual cycle with it.It will notify you every month when it is the possible time.In addition to this,it compares your cycle against other health stats.These are sleep,activity,weight etc.You just need to use yout smartwatch with the fitbt app.

Now you can play all your favourite songs with this smartwatch.You can use Spotify or any other app you like.It has texts,call notification as well.

The Fitbit Versa 2 might not have Amazon Alexa built in some countries.There are some third party app alternative to these.You can get that to enjoy these features.The bottom line is this watch is a great blend of fitness tracking and a smartwatch.


  • Dimension 1.56 * 1.59 * 0.47 inches
  • 15+ exercise mode
  • 6+ day battery life
  • Water resistant to 50 meters
  • High resolution Touchscreen


  • Always on display mode
  • Tracks all day activity
  • Waterproof
  • Light weight design
  • Text and call alerts


  • No GPS
  • Amazon Alexa is not available in all countries


The Nicefuse Smart Watch is well known for its excellent display,light weight and long battery life.It has built in GPS.You have to connect it with your phone’s Bluetooth.Thus,you can enjoy all the features.

It has a full end glass color screen.The band is made of leather.This watch is slim and light in weight.You will find it easy and comfortable to use.

It has all day activity tracking.It tracks heart rate,blood pressure,blood oxygen,sleep.It works great for a healthy lifestyle.You can maintain your health this way.

This watch can be used for both sports and regular use.It is one of the best GPS watches for hiking.It has 10 multiple sport modes.These are outdoor run,indoor run,outdoor walk,stair step etc.It counts steps,distance,burnt calories.

It has the basic features – alarm,timer,stopwatch.It provides smart notification.You will get notifications about text and calls.

This watch is IP67 waterproof.You can use it while swimming.But it can’t track swimming.You can also use this during rain or thunderstorm.Moreover,this feature is necessary for hiking.

It works fine 4-7 days.It comes with a magnetic USB port charger and a manual.It is compatible with both IOS and Android above 4.4 version.

A Nicefuse Smart Watch has a circular dial.It has a uniqe economic design.But high contrast might not be feasible for outdoor visibility.However,it is the best smart watch for hiking.It is comfortable.You can use it for both fitness tracking and working.


  • 9.85 * 1.75 * 0.52 inches
  • Built in GPS
  • 10 sport modes
  • All day activity tracking
  • IP67 Waterproof


  • Long battery life
  • Fitness tracking
  • Text and call alert
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to operate


  • Outdoor visibility problem due to high contrast.

Frequently Asked Question

Does GPS use Mobile data?

Google map has offline maps.But if you don’t have maps downloaded in your smartphone,you will need mobile data.

Do I need a GPS watch for hiking?

GPS watch is reliable for hiking for its multi functions.It has long battery life,fitness tracking and navigation features.

Why should I get a GPS watch?

For accurate pace and distance,GPS watch is a great option.It tracks sleep,monitors heart rate,counts steps.When it is connected with phone,it can do more.Robustness and reliability are particularly important.That is why,It is important to know which are the best ones for hiking.

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