Best women’s fitness watch for a fitness lover in 2024

Hey, are you looking for some Best women’s fitness watches, then you are in the correct place now! Are you looking for a reliable fitness tracker to need help to meet your health and exercise goals? A Privet’s well-known company ran a survey & the result shows that 70% of women said their motivation to work out improve by using a fitness tracker. 

Some quotes for Best women’s fitness watch

You will see so many different brands, models options on the online and offline market. It’s hard to pick up the right one for your needs and also with your budget. Some expert tech lab has tested dozens of fitness trackers over the months.

They checked the fitness tracker for proper use. They give results about the fitness tracker’s battery life. How comfortable to use? How much durable, accrued, and more? And our recommendation for the best fitness tracker is the Fitbit charge 4. 

According to our test, we have found that Fitbit charge 4 comes out on the top. Fitbit charge 4 is the Best women’s fitness watch we have recommended.

It has made on very good quality materials it’s also durable than the other fitness watches in the market. And we have also tested a couple of different fitness watches that have great reviews on Amazon. 

How To Choose The Best Fitbit For Kids

Our expert always recommends for few specific features for new buying fitness watches. One of the best options will have the heart rate monitor, step counter, a clear view display, sleep tracker, and a big screen. And big battery life is the most important thing for the persons who don’t remember to charge the fitness watch regularly.

A clear view display and the big screen are important to getting notifications, reading text. And also make sure that the fitness watch has great daylight visibility on outdoor options. Some people don’t want all the above-mentioned features, they just need a simple best fitness tracker that can monitor how many calories are burned via running.  

In below there are some best women’s fitness tracker/watches:

1. Garmin Fenix 6 The best women fitness tracker:

Garmin Fenix 6 is the Best women’s fitness watch, Garmin Fenix 6 is one of the best multi-sport smartwatches to buy. With the features of performance and adventure tracking as well as every outdoor and indoor activity. And also comes with GPS-based mapping.

However, there is a downside here. It comes with a big price tag that surpasses most people. Garmin’s have a wide range of products in this Fenix Series – a family of fitness trackers that offers a lot of fitness and adventure tracking when it comes to outdoor.

Things move one step further, Garmin released this device in August 2019, by slightly updated design and some new features from the Fenix 5 plus.

Design And Display

Instead, the Fenix series was built to be strong and to withstand the harsh elements of the great exterior – meaning mud, based all around, submerged underwater, and protection from extreme temperatures. And the Fenix 6 is the best Garmin product for it.

The Garmin Fenix 6 has a slightly bigger display than the Fenix 5+ and it helps to add more space for your data. And this is the biggest update from the previous one. Now it has a 1.3-inch transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP) screen with 260*260 pixels. It will give you a crystal clear view of indoor and outdoor. 


Fonix 6 has a large focus on power management and battery transparency. The users can easily understand that the tracker will last before a re-charge is needed.

This device will show you the remaining use over time instead of showing presenting the remaining battery percentage number. Fonix 6 gives 14 days of battery backups in regular user mode. And when you are frequently in the GPS tracking and other activities tracking mode it will give you 36 hours to 40 hours battery backups which is quite good. 

Germin pay

Pay for your purchase with contactless payment solutions. Yes, Germin pay gives you that opportunity for the people who are always on the move. It makes your daily communication smoother.

Using it in Fitness Activates:

As a Best women’s fitness watch, Fitness tracking is a must needed for a fitness watch. So here is some fitness tracking feature for Garmin Fenix 6.

1) Running > Fonix 6 is built with stainless steel with a weight of just 80 grams. So you can use it while running easily and it has a sensor to track your running data and distance. 

2) Cycling > Fonix 6 has the GPS tracking you can use for cycling and also shows your burned calories. It also has a heart rate sensor to shows your heart rate data.  

3) Swimming > This is also suitable for swimming because this is 100% waterproof. And it has a 10 ATM water rating, which means it can survive 100 meters underwater.
4) Activities tracking> Fonix 6 has smart activity tracking options. It has some preset auto-goal exercises. Also has a sleep tracking option. And here is the great feature that comes up with workout settings options. Like you can set workouts timelapse, workout intervals, workout stop alarm when it’s done, and many more to go with.

Key Features

1) 24/7 activity track
2) Water resistance up to 100m
3) Battery saving mode
4) Pulse ox sensor
5) 36 hours battery life with GPS mode 

6) Multisports screen


1) Accurate activity tracking
2) Strong, rugged and robust design
3) Best smartwatch for outdoor and indoor fitness
4) Crispy screen


1) Ouch….the price is very high. 

2. GARMIN VIVOACTIVE 3 Best women’s fitness watch we have listed this number  

Here is the most popular Garmin’s Vivoactive 3 for Best women’s fitness watch. With tons of features with a stylish look. We have put this one in our number 2 position. This is not just a fitness tracker. You can use it as your daily driver as well. And it works great for swimming, cycling, running, gym work, hiking, etc.  

Let’s see some stunning features of GARMIN Vivoactive 3


The most attractive features of this GARMIN Vivoactive 3 have a real-time GPS tracker.  


Let’s start with this one’s heart (Battery). As we know it has GPS tracking options and it runs 15hours when GPS mode is on. 


GARMIN Vivoactive 3 has 1.2 inches and 240* 240-pixel displays with a pixel density of 283ppi. It has the Transflective LCD Display technologies that will give you the best daylight visibility. 


Pay for your purchase with contactless payment solutions. Yes, Germin pay gives you that opportunity for the people who are always on the move. It makes your daily communication smoother.   

How good this watch as a FITNESS TRACKER! 

REP Counts:

 This watch can count your reps during strength work at the gym. 

Heart rate count:

 Vivoactive 3 can show your heart rate data. 

Stress Monitoring:

  By calculating heart rate data VIVOACTIVE 3 tracks your whole day’s stress level. And give an alert you to you have taken enough rest or you need to burn more calories.

Using it in Fitness Activates:

  1) Running > You can easily use this tracker while running. It can track outside runs by GPS tracking. Also, you can use it on your indoors running like on a treadmill.

2) Cycling > Like running this tracker can track distance, times, speeds, indoors and outdoors both. So you can use it while cycling too and it’s a lightweight tracker you will never feel pain in your wrist.

3) Swimming >It’s a waterproof tracker. It can stay under 50 meters. So surely you can use it while swimming too.


  The watch has no official IP rating. But it has Corning Gorilla glass 3 As protection on the screen. And user reviews its great durable device.

Activity Tracker:
Its rea

 Vivoactive 3 can track your whole day’s activity. It can track your daily steps. You can set goals. And It monitors your sleep. 


1. Versatile fitness tracker 

2. Lots of activities

3. Very Edge and Stylish Design 

4. Fits in the wrist 

5. Great as a fitness tracker and a daily driver 

6. Easy to use. 


1. No multi-sports mode

3. Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40mm)  

best women's fitness watch

So if you have an iPhone user we recommended you use Apple Watch Series 5 Best women’s fitness watch. And this is the most expensive Fitness Watch in this segment.

You will never find any other smart fitness watches that integrate workout activates tracking. It also has everyday phone functions like send emails and texting. The Apple Watch Series 5 has its ECG (electrocardiogram) functions. ECG helps to give signals of your heartbeat. 

Let’s see some cool features of the Apple Watch Series 5

Heart Rate (2nd gen) 

Apple watch series 5 has 2nd gen heart rate sensor. You can always check your heart rate anytime using the Heart rate app. You can also get data on your walking, breathe, workout, and recovery rate throughout the day. Just easily open the app to see all the data itself. 

Strong Build Quality 

These amazing gadgets have Sapphire crystal front glass. And Apple watch series has a stainless steel frame in the back. 


Apple Watch Series 5 has Li-polymer 296 mAh non-removal battery with a wireless charging option. It has up to an 18hour battery backup. 


Watch Series 5 has a 1.78 inches 3d touch display with 448*368 pixels (326 PPI density). It has the protection of Sapphire Crystal Glass. 

Design And Build Quality 

So no doubt you will get a top-notch design with the best build quality in this segment. And a premium feels too. 

Apple pay 

Apple pay is one of the most secure payment systems. Pay for your purchase with contactless payment solutions. Yes, Apple pay gives you those opportunities for the people who are always on the move. It makes your daily communication smoother.

Using it in Fitness Activates:

1) Running > Apple Watch Series 5 has a strong ceramic build quality. And its very lightweight device weight of 

47.8 g (1.69 oz), So that you can easily use this one for running purposes. 

2) Cycling > Apple watch series 5 has distance tracing options also. You can use it while cycling. 

3) Swimming > This watch has 50m water-resistant and ECG certified. So it’s also suitable for swimmers. 

The apple watch series 5 is not an actual fitness tracker. But it does everything as a fitness tracker does. 

Watch Series 5 has a dedicated app that will show your Health and Activity stats. 


1) Wireless Charging options. 

2) Always-on display 

3) Heart Rate 

4) Customization options for themes and Belt 

5) Compass 

6) Voice command 


1) Only 18 hours of battery backups.

4. Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker Best women’s fitness watch (this is one of the Mid budget one in our list):

If you are looking for simple, easy to use no complicated options in a Fitness Tracker, then Fitbit Inspire is a good option for you. And it has all the features that you need on a fitness tracker.

It can track your basic activity like steps tracking, distance tracking, and calories burn track. It’s making for a simple workout like walking and cycling. One thing to be noted is that it doesn’t have a heart-rate tracking option. 

Let’s see some key features of this mid-budget one:


Fitbit inspire has a 5 days battery life says the official site. But you can use it 6-7 days after a single full charge. 


See all your notifications like call, text, and calendar on your screen when your phone is nearby. 

Heart Beat Tracker

Unfortunately, there is no option for a heartbeat track but this option is available for Fitbit Inspire Hr. 

Track All-day activities

It has the capability to track your all-day activities. It can step tracks, track distance, calories burned, hourly activities, and stationary time.   

Exercise Mode

Fitbit inspires has 20+ Goal-based exercise modes. You can choose from 20+ exercise modes like swim, yoga, run, bike, and many more. 

Swim proof 

It’s a waterproof device (Up to 50m underwater).So you can wear your tracker while you are in the pool, shower, and beyond.  


1) Bright LED Screen 

2) Water Resistance

3) Massive Battery Life 


1) No Hrm 

2) No GPS tracking  

5. Polar A370 Fitness Tracker with 24/7 Wrist Based HR: 

Polar A370 is a sports watch. You can use it for training, workout, and tracking. It has an accurate optical heart rate monitor. You can get different fitness tracker options out there, but this price point.

It will make you very happy, If you are looking for a primary sports watch to be used while training. It tells you all the different activities that affect your body. And also it notifies you, your all-day activity track by your smartphone.   


The Polar A370 has a modern sleek design with some eye-catchy color options (deep blue, orange, and petrol, ruby red in S only, and for M/L only). Though this device isn’t the most attractive look it can be easily compared with some elegant-looking fitness trackers.

Battery life and Display

The display has shown good response. And its 160-by-80 pixel touch capacitive display though isn’t the sharpest one, but it works perfectly. Using the A370 is highly automatic.

It will make little attempt to find how to navigate and change the settings. On a single full charge, it will give you 12 hours of battery backups when you use the GPS. And you will get 4 days of battery life with normal use. 

Advanced tracking options 

Polar has a few excellent features and options for fitness people. Like training programs you can load, fitness tests, and feedback about activities. You can create rapid-access programs on your tracker with goal settings and custom time for your workout. 


We took this device outdoors for a few walks and runs, and also tested it on a treadmill to get an idea of its accuracy. The great things are The Polar A370 performs accurately. While I connected GPS my distance and route matched up with google maps correctly.    

Is It Fit for Workouts and Training?

Polar A370 is an accurate sports watch with some excellent features for daily fitness tracking and training. It can definitely be considered for fitness enthusiasts who want on-watch training sessions, heart rate monitoring, and GPS. 

Some pros and cons of A370


1) Heart rate monitoring

2)  Sleep analysis 

3) Custom Training Program 

4) Waterproof 


1) Textured Screen

6.GARMIN VIVOACTIVE 4S Best women’s fitness watch:

So this is the second GARMIN watch on our list. And this is Vivoactive 4S. The Vivoactive 4S is one of our most favorite fitness trackers for women.

It builds after the popular Vivoactive 3, and it comes with more attractive features and smaller size but if you need a slightly bigger one, there is also the Vivoactive 4. It can track over a dozen activities like cycling, running, and swimming. Also, the heart rate will be monitored on your wrist.


The Garmin Vivoactive 4 looks similar to Vivoactive 3. With the dimensions of 45.1 x 45.1 x 12.8 mm. It has a silver band and metal sits around the edge. And a 1.3-inch 260 x 260 screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 technology. 


We already know that it has a 1.3-inch 260 x 260 resolution screen that is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 technology. And it’s a transflective MIP screen which will give you a clear view in bright sunlight. But we think it could be a batter display like an LCD or an OLED panel. 


We have tested the battery properly, we reached 100% charged to 0% in nearly three days. And with GPS mode on it gives 13 hours of battery backup. 

Health Stats 

Vivoactive 4 has a new health stats widget. It will show your heart rates, stress level, respiration, and Pulse Ox accurately. We really like the stats of stress levels.

Garmin on it a metric which is called heart rate variability. In the connected mobile app, you can see how much time spend on every single workout, and how much rest you need to balance your stress. So we really like the relaxed reminders.

When Vivoactive 4 understands that your stress level is high, it will suggest a relaxing breathing exercise.

Workout Animation 

Vivoactive 4 has some preinstalled workout animations. Like Pilates, strength, cardio, and yoga workout animations right on the fitness tracker. You can follow the given animations for your workouts. For every single category, there are three pre-sited workouts. 


Pay for your purchase with contactless payment solutions. Yes, Germin pay gives you those opportunities for the people who are always on the move. It makes your daily communication smoother.   

Music Controls

• Vivoactive 3 has onboard music storage for up to 500 songs. Also, you can download music from your computer and other music service providers like Amazon, Shopify, and Run casts.

Some Pros and Cons of Vivoactive 4


1) Waterproof

2) On-screen workout animations 

3) Music storage 

4) Bluetooth

5) Optical heart rate monitoring 


1) Excessive badges 

7. Suunto 5, Lightweight and Compact GPS Sports Watch:

In this Best women’s fitness watch Suunto 5 is 7th on our list. With a very stunning look, this has the heavy and durable watch we covered. This is significantly lower than other GPS watches, yet this is design for nature’s wear and durable. There are many nice features to introduce and let’s see some cool features of it. 

Design & Display 

The Suunto 5 offers an exciting sleek design similar to their other watches. It has a color full of the vibrant screen. This is one of the smallest we have seen on a fitness tracker. It has a stainless steel body with mineral crystal glass on the front. And the case is made with Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate with a silicone strap. And it will give you comfortable adjustment on your wrist.

Fitness tracking 

There is a multi-function for fitness tracking in this watch. With over 80 sports and fitness modes, there is a lot to play with.

Each prebuild mode comes with data fields that are related to activity, and you can get an option to customize your own sports modes with the app, you’ll need to do this from scratch because it doesn’t allow you to make existing edits. 

Post activity, watch information is significantly deeper, with information on cadence, steps, heart rate (including a complete chart for activity), intensity zone, calorie recovery time, and auto laps. 

Heart rate

One of the biggest problems we found when using the Suunto 5 is that it often focuses on heart tracking and fluctuations in the data obtained.

During the experiment of pairing the polar chest strap with the Polar Vantage M, Suunto, although following the same data format as the others, we also saw some significant fluctuations beyond expectations. 

I was able to determine between 10 bpm and 20 BMP when I compared the Suunto product with an extensive activity during a training session: some movements associated with low heart rate (like weightlifting) combined with some high-intensity exercises.

The polar setup seemed to struggle on several occasions but ultimately provided me different results in terms of timing which showed that my heartbeat varied by at least ten beats per minute throughout each exercise routine.


We get this data from their official site. They are saying that it will give you 14 days of battery life in only time mode. And if you are on the mobile tracking and notification you will get 7 days battery life. And training and GPS mode you will get 20h/40h battery backup. Wow, it’s massive. 

Some pros and cons of Sunnto 5


1) lightweight 

2) Attractive Desing

3) Trail tracking

4) GPS

5) Guided training plan

6) Water-resistant


1) Small Screen 

2) GPS issue

8. Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch and fitness tracker:

We love the Fossil Gen 5. as the best women’s fitness watch because it supports Google’s app OS platform and is among one of the few watches that last for more than just a day on a full charge, despite we didn’t expect to like it as much as we did – many Wire OS clocks struggle to be slow or even last 24 hours with battery life left after being fully charged.

Design And Display

This is a very elegant-looking device on your list with the metal build quality. It has a 1.28inh AMOLED display with 416*146px resolution

(328ppi). Wow, the configuration of the display is top-notch. And it really gives you a very crispy view. And it also has a 22mm strap.

Great Hardware Specifications

Fossil Gen 5 has Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 SoC As a chipset. And 8 GB storage with 1 GB of ram. And you will also get NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Battery life is decent. It’s definitely better than the average wearing OS watch – which in my experience lasts less than a full day – but it’s definitely not a Fitbit or Galaxy Watch.

We usually spend the whole day on a full charge without any problems, but usually don’t have enough juice in the tank to wear it overnight for sleep tracking. My on-display was always off, so expect a worse length if you keep it on.

After 3 miles of running it just bite 10% charge with GPS and heart rate monitor turned on. 

Fitness tracking

We do fitness tracking with this Gen 5 and we think it’s good to go with. It can count steps, tracks the common activities (walking, running, biking) automatically, and monitors my heart rate.

Tried tracking sleep but wasn’t really successful. So as a fitness tracker it’s really a very good option for you. And also you can use it as a daily driver device. 

Perhaps our favorite part watch is worn OS and it works great with a voice command via Google assistance.


1) Bright and Crisp Display
2) Heart rate, NFC, GPS sensor
3) Accurate Fitness tracking
4) Built-in Speaker


1) Battery performance is average. 

9. Fitbit Versa 2 Best women’s fitness watch we have listed this number 1: 

The Fitbit Versa 2 is a superb and Best women’s fitness watch. And it has the all features that need to be on a fitness tracker. We appreciate its main features like automatic design, perfect tracing capability, monitoring heart rate, big screen, and massive battery (up to 5-6 days battery backup). 

The large screen of this phone is what makes it so great. You can see your activity stats and control music easily from the watch face!

One of the best features of this Fitbit Versa 2 is that it can monitor your heart rate and other important stats. It also has built-in Alexa, so you have quick access to information like news reports or weather forecasts without having to look at a screen.

The watch monitors how long you sleep and tracks if you are restless during the night. You don’t even need light for its sensors; they work in dark rooms as well!

You can set up to 20+ modes of your exercise to track real workout time. It’s also a waterproof device you can get it to the deep water of 50m. You can get calls, texts, and all your smartphone apps notification when your phone is nearby. Also, send a quick response via texting and voice command (Only Android).


1. Multiple color options. 

2. Always-on display

3. OLED Display 

4. Very lightweight tracker just 38 grams

5. Heart rate monitor 

6. Voice Controls with Alexa

7. Track Activity and sleep 

8. Fitness And exercise tracker

9. Haptic feedback  


1. Aesthetic Design

2. Durability

3. Fitbit pay 

4. Massive battery

5. Affordable price 

6. Amazon Alexa built-in 


 1. lack of GPS. 

10. Fitbit Ionic Smart Fitness Watch:

Fitbit Ionic is the very fast smartwatch Fitbit watch they introduced. We all know that Fitbit has been known as an amazing fitness watchmaker all over the world. But this particular watch has some lacking qualities you would expect from a smartwatch.

But if you are looking for a great fitness tracker with amazing features Fitbit Ionic is there for you. You can do anything with the Fitbits older one like track steps, sleep, heart rate, and calories burned but will do something more and cool with the Fitbit Ionic.

This device is also waterproof up to 50 meters underwater, so you can now go swimming with a Fitbit Ionic. We know Fitbit always works for fitness watches also works for Best women’s fitness watch.


How accurate are fitness trackers?  

  There are nearly fixed information tales. Questioning the accuracy of health trackers. Telling us how incorrect they’re, so I made a decision to strive it out for myself.

I examined the accuracy of every of the health trackers rated right here by strolling 1,500 with every, measuring the outcomes every 500 steps. I counted my very own steps and in contrast, may determine the quantity on the watch.

While there was some variation of their general accuracy, most had been fairly correct. In common they have a tendency to overcount barely, counting 3% extra steps than you’ll truly take, which means in case you walked 10,000 steps they’d rely upon 10,300. Either approach is fairly correct for a wrist-mounted machine. 

What do fitness watches do?

Fitness watches have come to a great distance because of the primary stop-watch. Today’s health watches observe your every transfer. Present perception of your present health. And inspire you to maintain exercising every single day.

Most elementary health watches depend on each day’s steps and display sleeping habits. They set each day’s step objectives to offer a concrete variety of steps you must stroll every single day. As your health improves, the step-by-step will increase.

Counting steps, most health watches additionally observe the whole distance walked and energy burned. Some even present reminders to rise up and transfer once you’ve been inactive for too lengthy.

Many health watches additionally track the heart rate. With a heart charge track constructed into the watch itself. This eliminates the necessity to put on a chest strap like older heart charge displays.
Can fitness trackers measure blood pressure?

Fitness trackers can measure your coronary heart charge, however, most can not measure your blood stress. There are a handful of wearable blood stress gadgets, however not one of the main producers like Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung, Polar, or Apple has built-in blood stress into their merchandise.

What is connected GPS?

While most smartwatches are outfitted with GPS, just a few health trackers have GPS constructed into the tracker. GPS permits you to file the route that you just run, cycle, or stroll with no need for your telephone. Instead of onboard GPS, health trackers use related GPS that depends on your telephone to file your route.

With related GPS, the tracker connects to the cell app in your telephone and makes use of that app to track your GPS coordinates throughout an outside exercise. If you neglect to attach your watch to the app, your distance and tempo shall be estimated utilizing motion information and never the extra correct GPS information out of your telephone.


The best fitness watch for women should be able to track their heart rate, steps taken and calories burned. It may also have a GPS tracker that you can use during activities like jogging or biking.

Some watches will even allow you to control music on your phone without having to pull it out of your pocket! If none of these features are important to you, then the Fitbit Alta HR is perfect because it’s both stylish and affordable.

Leave us a comment below if this article helped answer any questions about which watch would work best for YOU!

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